Herbalife ShakesEver since our last post a lot of questions have come up as to where a person can buy Herbalife online (the link will take you to one of the places). It's no wonder with the amount of people across the country who have been successfully losing weight with Herbalife shakes that it has been in high demand. Take for example Erick and his Herbalife internet store. Erick managed to lose about 50 pounds over the course of 5 months from buying Herbalife shakes online and successfully keeping to the dietary plan.

Not everyone has had the same success that Erick has had. Unfortunately the results that Erick has had is actually pretty uncommon from what we've been told.

Take Cathy from Atlanta Georgia who reports that she actually gained weight while attempting to do the Herbalife Diet. She said that she was simply eating too much when she tried to do the Herbalife diet, and it cancelled out almost all of her efforts to lose weight.

When we asked Erick about this, he said that it isn't all too uncommon to hear about things like that occur. In fact, he said that most people don't know where to buy Herbalife online, and as a result they don't purchase in time before they run out. The result of this is very frequently that people return to their old bad eating habits and find themselves making no progress in their goals for a perfect physique.

While Herbalife has been very successful in creating many skinny people across the world, it isn't necessarily recommended for those of our subscribers who are interested in body building.

In fact, Joe M. of MIT (an exercise enthusiast) says that the meal replacement shakes that Herbalife produces are no substitute for the amount of protein and carbohydrates that the average person needs when engaged upon a heavy-duty workout routine. While Joe continues to speak badly of the products, Erick insists that Herbalife also offers several products for the body-building type.

We'd like to thank Joe, Cathy and once again Erick for talking to us and giving away their personal time and personal information to better inform our readers of what it's like to do an Herbalife diet.

As always, we're not doctors and cannot recommend particular dietary plans to people. The opinions expressed were opinions of regular every-day people who are not medical professionals. What we're trying to say is that this is not a resource for medical advice!

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I reached out to a friend of mine recently who is an Herbalife distributor. He was reading some of my articles and recommended that I write something that he felt might be an alternative to liposuction (which is through the Herbalife shakes that he drinks).

So my buddy in Nashville has had some awesome results drinking Herbalife. You can see his Herbalife before and after pictures here. Now, these results aren't guaranteed, but he was really happy with them.

I asked him for some tips to my readers about his success with Herbalife. Here's what he said:

"Well, I'm not a doctor or anything, but it was really easy for me to lose weight while drinking Herbalife. I started out by just going to this herbalife store. every day and drinking their shakes.

I had no idea it was supposed to help me lose weight. I just kept drinking the shakes because they were convenient and tasty.

At one point in time I was about 220 pounds and I was even considering liposuction to lose weight. I'm glad I didn't end up doing it. That would have been a terrible decision for me.

So after about 4 months of shakes I ended up losing almost 50 pounds! I can't say that anybody else would get the same results, but it worked out great for me.

It's really up to the individual whether or not they decide they want to try Herbalife. I don't know much about the health value, but I can say that I feel good."

He told us that he likes to buy herbalife online. Apparently it's a very fast and easy way to get Herbalife products.

We asked a few others about their results with Herbalife and here's what some of them had to say:

Danisha A. "I kept trying to lose weight with Herbalife and I went to the online store to get my product, but I didn't get much result with it. I don't know what I was doing wrong (if anything at all) but it definitely tastes pretty good."

Johan S. "I loved the taste and I felt like I had so much more energy with Herbalife. I didn't lose weight, and I didn't really need to (I'm a bit scrawny for my height).

The most important thing to me was that I felt more energetic when I woke up in the morning. I've always had trouble waking up, but after I switched up my diet I felt so much better.

I also like to buy Herbalife online. It's really fast and easy to do that. I usually buy it off of Erick's herbalife store."

Some of the other testimonials we had reported very similar information.

I'd like to thank all of the people who helped us make this article. There was a lot of time taken out of their week to interview and give us the information that they had.

If you have any questions about this I recommend that you check out the Herbalife website at herbalife.com. This is a great place to find out real information about what Herbalife is about.

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monkey surgeonsSo recently I was asked about the topic of surgery. In fact, it was Greg, (a fellow class-mate) who had asked me how many different types of surgeons there are. I almost instinctively answered "two", but quickly realized that there are several niche surgeons out there.

If a person wants a nose job, should they see the same person who would perform a cosmetic procedure on the eye? What if a person needs surgery on the intestines? Would they see a neurosurgeon? Although there are many surgeons out there who can perform any type of surgery, there are definitely also specialists. So Greg, this post is for you.

The Face Surgeons

The first one that I'd like to cover is a surgeon who you don't hear about too often outside of the people who are in "the know" (typically people who have had some experience in medical education or practice). And that is oculoplastic surgerons.

Oculoplasty is a type of surgery that's performed on eye lids. You may recall Renee Zellweger's surgery in 2014. That was the handy work of someone who is expert in oculoplasty ("oculo-" of course comes from the Latin "oculus" which means "eye").

It's not often that I've personally heard of a surgeon who only practices oculoplasty, but I could be totally wrong. Take a look into yourself if you're interested and let me know in the comments area :)

Next up I'd like to talk about rhinoplasty. This of course is the surgical procedure dealing with the nose (also known as a "nose job"). Whether you have a broken nose, a big nose, or a nose that just isn't "cute enough" to suit you, rhinoplasty is the answer. This is a procedure that I get a lot of questions about, and I'll likely write another article on the topic. But for now, just know that a person could be simply a "rhinoplasty surgeon" if he wanted to. But again, more than likely he's going to be able to perform several different cosmetic procedures.

Another interesting type of surgery is orthognathic surgery, which is surgery of the jaw. You might do this if you broke your jaw, or if you've had a jaw that's bothered you your whole life, or if you just want a prettier looking jaw!

That covers some of the face surgeons out there. Let's take a look into some other interesting and "unheard of" surgeons (and surgical procedures).

More Surgeons and Surgical Procedures

Colon and Rectal Surgeons deal with... Well... The poop shoot. Need I say more? There's actually a surgeon who deals with this as a specialty. So yes, you could technically say there's a butt doctor...

A pediatric surgeon is obviously one that specializes in surgery on kids. He deals in pediatrics. So if your kids need surgery, that's where you'll send them.

We also have vascular surgeons who deal mainly with diseases related to the veins and arteries in the body. Here's a guy who deals with a very special niche, and an extremely important one at that.

Hand surgeons are another specialized area. All hand surgeons are trained as general surgeons and then go through extra training to deal with the hands. Who would have thought that there would be so much attention on the hands? I suppose when you really take a look at it, your hands are really important.

Although the list goes on, I think this is a decent spot to end off. You can tell from this so far that they've got a surgeon for just about everything. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a technical term for a surgeon that deals with hair growth, or a surgeon who deals only with the genital organs.

Leave a message in the comments with other types of surgeons that you know of, and let me know if there's any in particular that you'd like us to write about. We're here all the time looking to write more about the industry we love! Thanks for reading :)

muscular absEveryone and their dog wants perfect abs. Who doesn't also want a great chest and amazing shoulders? The perfect physique is sought out by millions on a daily basis and only accomplished by few. There has yet to be a drug or supplement that operates as the "perfect workout medication". But what would such a supplement or drug be like? What would be the requirements of such a drug?

Before we get into all the details of what such a drug or medication would do, let's look a little more at how much people really want that perfect body.

Today there are people who seek out cosmetic surgeons as a solution to muscle. Implants can create the same look that hard work does. Meanwhile on a daily basis there are thousands who are taking steroids to also get a perfect body. Steroids are only one of the illegal performance enhancing drugs that is taken to increase muscle mass, and the ability to lift at the gym.

We haven't even started looking at all the money spent at places like GNC for vitamins and supplements such as creatines and nitric oxides to build up muscle. At least the people going this route have some consideration of health and some moral sense.

So it's really quite obvious that people want to build up muscle and show off. With that being said, what would it really take to make a perfect drug to enhance muscle mass?

The perfect drug would have to accomplish many of the same things that steroids do, without the side effects.

Steroids are known to have many side effects. Anybody who has done their research on steroids knows that the most common of these side effects includes aggressive behavior. It's no secret that as the male hormones increase, so does their aggressiveness. It's fairly natural for men to be somewhat aggressive depending on testosterone levels. Our perfect drug would somehow have to give us the benefits of increased testosterone without the side effects.

This drug would have to go unnoticed and be undetectable. I say this because such a drug would never be permitted in sports, nor would it likely be legal.

Such a thing would have to not risk any possibility of bodily harm. Steroids have a huge risk of harming the body. Too much growth too fast is only one of few ways that it could hurt you. I haven't even started talking about the damage it can cause to the male sex organs. So if we were to invent the perfect workout drug, it would have to be one that doesn't harm the body at all.

It should be healthy. When you think about it, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" sort of makes sense. The damage caused by steroids could very well make you "less a man" or even kill you. Our drug should have some health value to it.

But after you start evaluating exactly what the perfect drug would be, just consider that it's already available to you.

We're talking about something healthy, natural, legal, and not harmful to the body. You've probably already guessed it.

Diet and exercise are the most natural way to build muscle. Unfortunately they won't accomplish the job as fast as steroids will, but they beat out steroids by a long shot. They'll keep you healthy, add time to your life, make you feel good, make you look good and overall they're just good!

No drug could ever replace the natural and amazing workout experience. It's unfortunate that the United States is one of the most obese countries in the world, because there are many people who may never know the pleasure of eating right and exercising.

It's unfortunate that some people have become so lazy that they'll get fake muscles implanted on their body instead of lifting weights every once in a while.

I hope that this post inspires you and that you think twice about taking a bunch of caffeine, or even worse, drugs.

Please leave us a comment and let us know if you've ever had any experience with anything we've mentioned here today! Thanks!